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Welcome to WI '99 - the Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik (Business Information Systems)

Business is increasingly being performed electronically. Information technology has become the key enabler for the transition towards the digital economy. Electronic Commerce, Internet Banking and Global Supply Chain Management are examples of areas where the application of information technology is leading to significant changes in economy and society. 

With its theme "Electronic Business Engineering", the 4th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik (Business Information Systems) focuses on these developments. On the one hand, the systematic design and optimisation of business processes and transactions remains a crucial point for the improvement of competitiveness. On the other hand, new information technologies, such as the Internet or Multimedia, open the gateway to the information and knowledge society. 

The field of Information Systems has a pivotal role in shaping these trends actively through research, education, and implementation. Contributions to WI'99 therefore are sought which address the following topics: 

  • Internet and Electronic Markets 
  • Standard-Software and Reference Models 
  • Componentware and Business Objects 
  • Knowledge-Management and Learning Environments 
  • Virtual Organisations and Cooperation Models 
  • Groupware and Workflow 
  • Business Process Optimisation 

WI´99 is a platform for communication and exchange of experiences between research and business. We invite you to make use of this opportunity in Saarbrücken, and look forward to welcoming you in March 1999 at the Saarland University. 


The International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik is traditionally held every two years. It is the largest scientific IS conference in the German-speaking countries. Among the 800 expected participants are researchers and students as well as executives from manufacturing and service industries. 

The conference includes among others: 

  • 4 keynote presentations 
  • 12 sections with 36 presentations 
  • 8 panels with 24 panelists
  • 3 plenary discussions

The conference will also feature company presentations for innovative products and a prototype and poster session. A doctoral consortium in advance of the conference and a professional recruitment service for graduates further prove the attractiveness and competetiveness of Information Systems. 

With its close border to France, the Saarland and the city of Saarbrücken, which celebrates its 1000th birthday in 1999, present an attractive environment for the WI '99. All participants are invited to join in an evening event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik (Institute of Business Information Systems, IWi) of the Saarland University. 


Submissions which address advances in research and practice of Wirtschaftsinformatik (Business Information Systems) are very welcome. A relation to the conference theme (Electronic Business Engineering) is requested, but not required. 

Submissions are accepted in German or English. They should consist of a maximum of 20 pages (12pt Times, single-spaced), including figures, tables and references. The first page needs to contain title, author name(s), complete postal and email addresses. Subsequent pages may not reveal the identity of the authors. Papers need to include an abstract that is limited to a maximum of 300 words. 

To participate in the prototype and poster session  a brief one-page description is required. Title, author name(s), complete postal and email address must be included. 

A submission template can be downloaded from the conference web page (http://wi99.iwi.uni-sb.de/). Only electronic submissions will be accepted  (e-mail, diskette, FTP) as Word file or ASCII file with separate graphics in GIF-, TIF- or JPG-format). Detailed submission information is available at the end of this page. 


The following deadlines are important for submitting papers: 

September, 15, 1998  Submission deadline 
November, 30, 1998  Notification of authors 
December, 15, 1998  Camera-ready copies due

Authors retain the copyright to their submissions. They must agree that accepted papers are published in the conference proceedings and on the conference Web server. 


Template for WI'99 paper submissions 
(example text file)
- example  MS Word (453k) 
- example MS Word zip-File(163k) 
- example  postscript-File (484k) 
- example postscript zip-File(175k)
Template for WI'99 prototype and poster session 
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- example MS Word (14k) 
- example postscript 


Papers can be submitted by one of the following mechanisms: 

    Via FTP: Transfer your files via FTP on the server wi99.iwi.uni-sb.de ( in the directory called "submissions" and send an e-mail-notification to breitling@iwi.uni-sb.de. If your submission consists of more than one file, please create a new subdirectory with your last name and place your files there. 

    Via email: Send your files by e-mail to breitling@iwi.uni-sb.de 

    Via mail: Save your files in Word or ASCII format (zipped, if necessary) on a diskette and send it to: 
          Wirtschaftsinformatik '99 
          Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik 
          Im Stadtwald, Geb. 14.1 
          D - 66123 Saarbrücken 


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